Caroline In Free Fire Background Story And Guide, What Is A Lovely Girl Doing In This Deadly Battle?

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You might need to hear of the character Caroline in Free Fire however do you truly know who she is and the way highly effective her household is.

Free Fire is, without doubt, one of the hottest battle royale titles on cellular on the planet. The sport has a singular character system that features greater than 30 characters. Every character in Free Fire has their very own distinctive abilities and a background story that related collectively within the Free Fire universe.


Caroline is without a doubt one of the first characters in Free Fire. While she is a stunning lady, she is tremendous lethal along with her shotgun on the battlefield. Not many Free Fire gamers truly know who Caroline actually is and how many forces assist her behind her again.

Caroline In Free Fire is a lovely girl, who is skilled at using shotguns
Caroline In Free Fire is a stunning lady, who’s expert at utilizing shotguns

Here in this article, we are going to unveil every little thing that you must find out about Caroline in Free Fire from her backstory to how it is best to use her in battles.


Caroline in Free Fire Bio

  • Sex: female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: Oct 10th

Caroline was born in a super-wealthy household and he or she is seen with guards around her on a regular basis. She is the preferred lady within the college. Her followers are so many that they’ll replenish a complete stadium. The most necessary individuals in her life are her pals and her father.

                                                                   New Character – Caroline

Caroline is a buddy of Maxim and Kelly. Caroline additionally is aware that Maxim actually likes Kelly however would not dare to inform her.


One time, Caroline’s pockets were stolen and her guard afraid that it was a lure in order that they did not chase the thief. It was Kelly who caught the thief and returns it to Caroline. They turned pals after that and Caroline even invited Kelly to her villa for her birthday.

Kelly and Caroline are best friends in school after Kelly returns the wallet to Caroline
Kelly and Caroline are finest pals in class after Kelly returns the pockets to Caroline

Caroline is definitely the daughter of the boss who’s controlling the battle royale battle in Free Fire. That is why she is so good at utilizing shotguns. Her private guard was Nikita, who additionally has a very attention-grabbing secret in her again story, which you’ll be able to try in this article: Story Of Free Fire Nikita Character – The Undercover Spy Whose Mission Is To Destroy Free Fire

Caroline is the daughter of the boss who is controlling the battle royale battle in Free FireCaroline is the daughter of the boss who’s controlling the battle royale battle in Free Fire

One day, Kelly obtained kidnapped, and Caroline knew that it was her father who did it. And so Caroline and Maxim attempt to sneak into her father’s workplace. However, her father finds out and he knocks her out. When she wakes up, she is on a ship with an empty shotgun. Nikita tells her that her father allows them to go and reassure Caroline that they’ll discover Kelly, her father, and the reality behind all this.

Caroline in Free Fire Ability

Caroline’s capability is named Agility, which will increase her motion pace whereas holding a shotgun. The capability has a complete of 6 ranges. You can stage up the character utilizing Character fragments.

Caroline's ability is called Agility, which increases her movement speed while she is holding a shotgunCaroline’s capability is named Agility, which will increase her motion pace whereas she is holding a shotgun

Here are the main points of Caroline’s capability:

  • Agility Level 1: When holding a shotgun, motion pace is elevated by 3%
  • Agility Level 2: When holding a shotgun, motion pace is elevated by 4%
  • Agility Level 3: When holding a shotgun, motion pace is elevated by 5%
  • Agility Level 4: When holding a shotgun, motion pace is elevated by 6%
  • Agility Level 5: When holding a shotgun, motion pace is elevated by 7%
  • Agility Level 6: When holding a shotgun, motion pace is elevated by 8%

Caroline in Free Fire Guide

Caroline is a superb character for individuals who love utilizing shotguns. Shotguns are the strongest kind of weapons in Free Fire in close-range combats and it’s the excellent weapons for rusher. With the motion pace buff from Caroline, it is possible for you to shut the hole with the enemies quick and burst them down. The M1887 and MAG-7 would be the most suitable option as they’ll burst down individuals simply. The M1014 can also be not a nasty possibility.

The M1887 will be the best choice for Caroline as it can burst down people easily in secondsThe M1887 would be the most suitable option for Caroline as it may possibly burst down individuals simply in seconds

Characters who will make an ideal combo with Caroline are Jota, Alok, Okay, Chrono, Wolfrahh. Jota will heal you 40HP immediately if you kill one other participant with an SMG or shotgun, making an ideal combo with Caroline.

Jota is the perfect character to combine with Caroline because he will heal you 40 HP after each shotgun killJota is the proper character to mix with Caroline as a result of he’ll heal you 40 HP after every shotgun kill

Wolfram is a superb character for rushers because he’ll get stronger after each kill with extra harm and sturdiness. As for Alok, Okay, and Chrono, they’re simply actually robust characters with an energetic talent.

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