Free Fire: 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Character Andrew

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Andrew will not be normally thought of as a helpful warrior. However, his primary powers can nonetheless be confirmed to be useful in lots of conditions.

Among the earliest characters that had been launched in Free Fire, Andrew will not be normally thought of a helpful warrior. However, his primary powers can nonetheless be confirmed to be useful in lots of conditions. 


#1 – Andrew’s capability 

As described within the recreation introduction, Andrew was once a police officer. One of his well-known passive talents is Armor Specialist, which has the vest endurance loss being lowered by 2% firstly degree. 



But this charge might be lowered extra, by 12% particularly, on the character’s highest degree as his capability there could be at top-notch by means of character fragments.

In many circumstances, his capability would do an incredible favor for each aggressive and passive gamer in Free Fire. 


#2 – Clash Squad matches

During such intense and brief matches primarily together with fights at a detailed distance like Clash Squad, Andrew can achieve an enormous benefit for the gamers. All they should add as much as the sturdiness of the character’s vest. 

At the best degree of help, Andrew can keep away from being destroyed by a number of further bullets.  

#3 – Beneficial for ability combos 

The magic vest of Andrew is usually supportive merchandise for ability combos. Together with the speedy tempo and therapeutic capability of DJ Alok, the penetration by the armors of Hayato, and absolutely the scope precision owned by Laura, the ultimate combo would have an unbeatable harm capability each in shut and long-range assaults. 

Only Andrew Character Challenge In Clash Squad Ranked Mode Randomly || Free hearth || Pro gameplay

#4 – Best for a defensive technique 

Andrew will probably be a dream suggestion for individuals who prefer to play in a defensive method. Why? His vest sturdiness that can be utilized as a tremendous defend to flee from a number of bullets is the reply. 

Best for a defensive strategy

#5 – Useful in close-range fights

Andrew is such a multi-purpose character as even aggressive gamers can profit from him in close-range fights because of his vest sturdiness. 

With the assistance of his vest, the gamers could have HP loss that’s at a decrease degree in comparison with their enemies’. Therefore, they’ll achieve a superb benefit within the match.

Only Andrew with Pistol Challenge in Clash Squad Rank Match Gameplay – Garena Free Fire


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